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UBBC (kind of HTML but meant for Bulletin Board)
UBBC is supported on: YaBB and GYC
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[news]news://[/news] news://
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[u]Underlined[/u] Underlined
[s]Durchgestrichen[/s] Durchgestrichen
[tt]TT[/tt] TT
[move]Move[/move] Move
[glow=2,5,400]Glow[/glow] Glow
[shadow=2,5,400]Shadow[/shadow] Shadow
[color=Red]Red text[/color] Red text
[size=5]Size: 5 text[/size] Size: 5 text
[font=arial]Arial[/font] Arial
[quote]Quoted text[/quote]

Quoted text
[fixed]Fixed text[/fixed] Fixed text
[sup]Super text[/sup] Super text
[sub]Sub text[/sub] Sub text
[center]Centered text[/center]
Centered text
[left]Left text[/right]
Left text
[right]Right text[/right]
Right text
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